Drainage and Grading 101

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Is standing water a problem on your property? If yes, you’ll want to look into how you can better dispose of the excess water that comes from a rainstorm. Standing water can drown plants and attract insects, among other problems. If you want to avoid standing water issues, one of the solutions to consider is drainage and grading services.

Drainage and Grading 101

Grading involves reshaping your yard to better redirect flowing water. Factors such as the slope of your yard influence how your yard will need to be shaped and leveled to prevent water from pooling. Drainage refers to how and where the water will ultimately end up. Sometimes the grading on its own is enough to eliminate the standing water problem, but other times, it’s necessary to install special types of drains to make sure no water is allowed to pool in your yard.

Together, drainage and grading services protect your yard from flooding and other water damage. But how do you know if improved drainage and grading are necessary to protect your lawn? One of the biggest signs is pooled water that doesn’t go away after 24 hours. It’s normal for small pools to form during a heavy rain, but it shouldn’t still be present after a full day.

If you want to properly redirect water away from your property and foundation, you should invest in drainage and grading services. We here at Husky Property Maintenance are happy to take a look at your yard and help reform the landscape to better protect it from the damage of standing water. Contact us today to learn more.